Domain names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is used to build Internet addresses. There are two kinds of Internet addresses:

  • e-mail addresses, such as name@domain_name
  • websites addresses, or URLs, such as www.domain_name

Each domain name consists of a main part and an extension, for instance .com, .net or .fr.

Using a domain name

Mailo provides you with e-mail addresses for free in several domains (,, but you can also buy your own domain name to customize your e-mail address, such as your_name@your_domain_name.

Similarly, you can create your website at the customized URL www.your_domain_name.

How to choose your domain name?

Choose the extension which suits you best:

  • .com: the most common one, initially intended for commercial activities, but in practice used for all kinds of activities
  • .net: suitable for communication and network activities
  • .org: for non-commercial organizations
  • a geographic extension (for instance .fr, .be or .eu) depending on your location

From this extension, choose the main part, which should be as simple and as explicit as possible, to form your domain name.

Your domain name with Mailo

  • You can buy a domain name starting from 15 euros per year, taxes included.
  • You can transfer on Mailo a domain name which you have bought somewhere else.
  • If you already have bought a domain name somewhere else, you can also declare it to use it with the Mailo services.

To do so, you must have a free Mailo space:

  • You must have a Mailo account.
  • In your Mailo account, select "Mailo spaces" in the menu.
  • Create a Mailo space.