Mailo Junior

The only mail system for children

With Mailo, your children can have an e-mail address in a mail system which is both suited to their age and 100% secure:

  • educational
  • recreational
  • secure

No other mail system offers such a service to children.

This service is open to all: you can use it even if you do not have a Mailo address yourself.

Maximal security

  • Your child will exchange e-mails only with the correspondents you will have accepted.
  • You oversee your child's address book from your current e-mail address.

Mailo accompanies children in their discovery of e-mailing

You and your child together control the pace of change:

  • age 6-9: the mini interface is educational and secure
  • age 10-14: the junior interface is richer, yet still protected

When you decide, your child will be able to use the standard Mailo interface while keeping the same e-mail address.

The Mailo Junior mobile app

Mailo Junior is available on the web, but also as a mobile app for Android on Google Play and iOS on the App Store.